Do you dread tournament weekends?

Have you caught yourself saying “he played well but he had nothing left at the beginning of the third period?  Or “she played great, she skated like she was on fire, I don’t’ know what happened at the end of the game”

 "I felt awesome, my legs felt light and my mind was clear. I knew I had proper amount of food because after the game I could feel I used every last bit left I'm my tank. Then the next game I followed the plan exactly and felt awesome again! “  Madison, used her tournament plan during Nationals in April 2017

Does your skater seem energy depleted even though he or she loves ice hockey?  Do things start off good but go downhill as your skater moves from shift to shift, period to period, game to game?

It could be your skater’s nutrition.


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Tournament Winner in A Weekend 
Virtual Workshop


Create your skater's Personalized 
Tournament Fueling  Playbook during this weekend workshop.

When you participate in this weekend workshop  you will discover the following: 

1. The exact steps  to take 3 days prior to the tournament to prepare to show up and give 100% on the ice

2. What to eat, how much and at what time.

3. What to pack in their hockey bag to give them speed and stamina for back to back games

4. Foods to avoid throughout the weekend to keep the champion's edge.

Your skater's  workbook  will be emailed to you
​​​​​​​ within 12 -24 hrs of your order.

"But what if the workshop falls on my skater's Tournament Weekend?"

No problem.  The entire workshop will be run in a closed Facebook Group where you will be able to view the training videos on your time. 

This workshop is led by
Kim Lukhard, Hockey Mom RD, youth sports dietitian, and Amazon Best Selling Author of Eat, Skate, Win: 7 Steps For Your Youth Hockey Player To Eat Like A Champion.